Before You Buy SizeGenetics Penis Extender

Sizegenetics What You Need to Know

Before You Buy SizeGenetics Penis Extender you might want to read this about SizeGenetics and hear about some of the user experiences and testimonials with this penis enlargement product. This will give you a solid foundation on knowing whether Size Genetics is for you or not.

It is also important to stress out that using Sizegenetics is not an overnight solution that will add inches to your penis, but a penis stretching device you have to wear on a daily basis for a couple of hours in order to add those inches to the length of your penis.

This method is the fat best but also the most safest method to use if you want a bigger penis.

Penis pills, surgeries and more are all filled with risks and potential side effects that can impact the rest of your life in a negative way. Sizegenetics does not have those side effects.

Here are some of the benefits you will get using SizeGenetics:

A much harder and longer penis
Increased Girth Size
Improved Blood Flow
More erect during sexual intercourse
A much harder penis
Able to hold it longer before orgasm
Able to increase your size up to 30%
More fun between the sheets
And much more confidence as a man
Sizegenetics comes with the 16 way technology for better comfort


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Suffering From Undersized Penis Sizegenetics is the solution?

There are many men around the world that are suffering from the psychological consequences of having an undersized sexual organ, also referred to as your penis.

So far the most common way to solve this has been to learn to deal with it and accept the way you are, but when it comes to penis sizes it is a fact that most women says that the size does matter in order for you to fulfill her with sexual pleasure and a orgasm.

Earlier the penis size was not that important to a woman, but because of the sexual revolution and the porn industry’s impact on all of us, our view on what is the right penis size has completely changed.

Most of us men really do want to give our loved ones and sex partners’ fully sexual pleasure, and we really do not want them to run of having affairs because of us having a small penis size and because they feel that we cannot satisfy them.

Another reason is that we really do not want to feel below other men, because of our penis size it can completely knock out our self esteem if you feel you belong in this category Sizegenetics can really become of help to you.


Sizegenetics The Penis Enlargement Solution

So what can we do about it?

In my opinion learning to deal with it, when there is something we can do about it is completely silly, why should you learn to deal with a small penis, when you actually can increase both the length and the girth, and then never have to deal with a small penis again?

There are basically to ways to increase the size of your penis: the pill and the training method.

With the pill method we are referring to pills that can make us to “porn stars” while we are taking them like for example the product named MaleExtra or medicine like Viagra.

But they only work while we take them for some sexual action. The rest of the time we still have to look at our “little fellow” in everything we do, like going to the bathroom or are taking a shower.

A much better solution is the penis enlargement like Sizegenetics and stretching training method where we seek to expand and extend the Corpora Cavernosa area on the penis that is the area that holds the blood vessels when your penis gets erected.Sizegenetics complete package

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Sizegenetics Comes With The New 16 Way Comfort Technology

As the only penis extender on the market Sizegenetics comes with the new revolutionary 16 way comfort technology for a much better comfort when you wear the device.

Because you have to wear the device every day it is important that you do not feel any discomfort wearing it, that is the reason why Sizegenetics comes with the special comfort package which includes.

Silicon Nose
Comfort Strap
Protection Pad
Fabric Covered Latex Head Grip
Non-Slip Protect Matt Strap

You can combine these in any way you want to get the optimal comfort when you wear the device, which is important in order to get the maximum results with Sizegenetics.

Because we men are wearing the device for different reasons from extending the penis to cure Peyronies, Sizegenetics has incorporated this Incorporating MDA technology (Multi Directional Angling) system.

Other Penis Stretchers available on the market are only set to one angle, this put you in a great risk of feeling discomfort, soreness and end up with destroyed blood vessels when you wear the device but with Sizegenetics all these factors have been taking into consideration.

The Clinical Study and Proof that Sizegenetics Work

The University of Turin hosted a clinical study to see if penis extenders could help people extending the length and size of their penis.

16 patients with an average age of 45,7 used the Sizegenetics device for an average of 4 to 6 hours daily in a six month period and the result was satisfying.

For a flaccid penis the average increase in length was 2.3 cm and for a stretched out penis 1.7 inches.

In the beginning of the study 21 was qualified for the study, 3 dropped out before because of getting satisfying results all ready after 3 months, 2 got misclassified because they did not live up to the study’s protocol and only one bailed out due to discomfort wearing the device.

The results of the study was published in the reputable BJUI publication (the British Journal of Urology International), with the conclusion that penis extenders does work.

You can learn much more about the clinical study here.


The Results Using Sizegenetics

The method itself is very similar to what happens when we work out in the gym to get bigger muscles, the more you train the bigger they will get simply because the amount of muscle cells in the trained area duplicates with time.

This is exactly the same that happens with our penis, by using Sizegenetics to extend it, a duplication of the muscle cells will occur and your penis will get longer and harden up quite a bit.

Another benefit doing this is that your blood flow will increase and you will be able to have a more erect penis during sexual intercourse that is able to perform longer.

SizeGenetics is the only Medically Approved product in the European Union, when it comes to get a bigger Penis.

If you expect to get results over night or expect to gain a 30 inch porn penis, then Sizegenetics is not the right product for you.

But if you are looking for a product that will increase the size of your penis in a very natural way with results you can be happy with, SizeGenetics is the only product on the market that really can live up to those promises.

But it takes some dedication from your site as well to get the results, it will not happen over night and you have to keep using SizeGenetics for a certain period of time till you get a results you are happy with.

When you got the result you want, it will last forever thanks to Sizegenetics.

Try our Calculator to see how many inches you can gain with SizeGenetics if you use it on a regular basis:


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Besides what we have all ready mentioned the SizeGenetics kit also comes with these extras:

Free spare parts to Sizegenetics
24 hour support via phone and email
Penis Health System
Free better sex eBook’s
A travel case for enlargement on the go

SizeGenetics is one of the only penis enlargement systems that are approved all over the world by doctors and it is completely safe to use.

Sizegenetics Penis Extender has been featured GQ Magazine, BBC and United Kingdom Channel 4.



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